End of Support

After struggling and failing to implement the DNSSEC/TLSA Validator extension for Firefox Quantum (57+) we've decided to stop the development and support of the extension.

Firefox 56 was the last version which provided necessary APIs that enabled the DNSSEC/TLSA Validator to check DNS records and certificates for all network connections and to eventually block the traffic if an error was encountered. In Google Chrome the extension provided only information about the state of DNSSEC and TLSA validation - it was not able to intercept the communication nor was it able to obtain the server certificate chain directly from the browser.

The recent KSK roolover caused the extension to stop working. We've created experimental packages which can deal with the newly added keys. Consider this to be an experimental build that may work in some Firefox forks.

The sources and packages are still freely available. But we won't guarantee the functionality.